Lauren Hersey Disney Boss

Lauren Hersey is a Competitive, Cupcake loving, Spa going, Disney-planning mom, always focused on optimizing experiences to make them as magical as possible. Lauren has been visiting the Walt Disney Resort 3-4 times per year since 2014. Things change fast at Disney, every trip is like a new game to win by getting the proper dining at the right time, planning the perfect times to ride and rest along with making time to enjoy new experiences.

Walt Disney World

Lauren was a Disney Kid and started visiting the parks in the 80s. Each year her family would take a vacation at a nearby beach and squeeze in a Disney day or two. Lauren’s dad’s favorite park was EPCOT, which explains her lifelong love of Figment. As Lauren and her siblings got older, the more frequent trips to Disney parks stopped.

A decade later, Lauren, her husband, her 3-year-old son, and parents headed back to Magic Kingdom for a one-day trip during a beach vacation. Lauren was 7 months pregnant, and the Florida heat was not friendly to her. The family enjoyed the trip, like any other theme park.

In 2014, The Hersey’s decided to do a real Disney Vacation for the first time, which included staying on property, Disney Dining, and some memorable experiences. This time their son was 7 and their daughter 3. The trip was so magical they planned another 3-day trip that year which included a drive from Ohio to Florida for the holidays.

Since then, Lauren and her family have been visiting the Walt Disney World Resort at least 3-4 times per year. They have become DVC Members and out-of-state Annual Passholders, living in West Virginia. Their family has stayed in nearly all 30+ resorts and visited roughly ¾ of Disney Table services and quick service restaurants.

Disney Mom

Lauren is the mom of three children, tow boys and a girl with ages ranging from 16-5 years old. Trip planning with a wide gap in ages is a balancing act designed to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. Going to Disney as a family of 5 is not cheap. Over the years Lauren has discovered many hacks and workarounds along with some of the best ways to save time and money.

Disney Spas

What’s a vacation without relaxation? Lauren visits a Disney Spa on nearly every trip. While her husband and children enjoy the park, her stress melts away as she enjoys some much-needed “mom time”. Spa Services, Locations, and Discounts have changed dramatically over the years. Lauren stays up-to-date and plans to get the most out of her Disney World Spa experiences.

Disney Dietary

One of the best parts about visiting Walt Disney World is the food. In 2017, Lauren was diagnosed with a sensitivity to Gluten. Thank Goodness, Disney is known for having a lot of alternatives to choose from for people with special dietary needs. Until the pandemic, Lauren’s mom traveled with the Herseys. Through those family vacations, Lauren also got an up close and personal look at the food options available for diabetics.

Disney Cupcakes

Nothing, including Lauren’s gluten sensitivity, could hold her back from trying all the delicious Cupcakes at Disney. Before the pandemic, Lauren started the “Cupcake Crawl”. If she spotted a deluxe cupcake, she just had to try it and document the experience. Who wouldn’t want to remember an amazing cupcake?

Disney Experiences

Over the years, Lauren, and her family wanted to ensure that their Disney Vacations never became dull or stale. Each year they attend special events, parties, waterparks, and Disney beach locations, take tours, and more. Lauren’s favorite off-property experience has been visiting Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Lauren Hersey – Media Professional and Self-Proclaimed Strong Female Boss

Lauren has worked in the media industry for nearly 20 years, rapidly advancing her career by serving in leadership and top-ranking roles.  Lauren is a successful, well-rounded media professional with experience in TV Broadcasting, Communications, Marketing, and Sales.

In 2019, Laurens’s busy life caught up with her. Lauren’s goal was slow down and find a way to achieve Work/Life Balance. In 2020, Lauren started the blog Strong Female Boss, dedicated to helping busy people find balance and encouraging the belief that you really can have it all.

Lauren has always been passionate about helping others to lean into the best version of themselves. That’s why Strong Female Boss was created. Lauren knew that if she really wanted to help as many people as possible that she would need to get good at Digital Marketing. This became one of Lauren’s primary hobbies.

Lauren has gone on to be named her area “Woman of Impact” by the American Heart Association and is proud to lead a nationwide Women’s Group for professionals. Her love of helping people and fixing problems shows up in every area of her life from Business to Balance to Disney Planning and Beyond!