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Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian Review – Things to Know


Take it all the Victorian wonder of this beautiful resort. The property is clean and quiet, almost as it was designed to welcome relaxation. We come to the Disney Senses spas often. Today, I will be reviewing the the my 9:00am 50 minute Custom Massage experience and noting some must knows before enjoying your experience. 

Courtesy Call

Disney will call one day before your scheduled service as a courtesy reminder. One thing that they ask is to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time. This morning we arrived at the spa exactly 30 minutes before our appointment to the doors being locked. Within 5 minutes the attendants opened the door and welcomed us to the spa. 


We went into the lobby and were asked for our first names and they confirmed what services we were going to experience today. Then we were asked to show photo ID and any discount cards. I am a DVC member so each time I come we are eligible for 25% off of our services. 

Locker Room

Once we completed the check-in process we were off to the relaxation room/locker room. The attendants at Disney are thorough when explaining the spa amenities. There are lots of “freebies” available included in every Disney spa experience. Shampoo, conditioner, show caps, toothbrushes, feminine products, lotion, and more. There is also a hairdryer, flat iron, hairspray, gel, and perfume available for use. 

The attendant will assign you a locker to securely store your personal items and then you will be given a robe and sandals to change into. You are welcome to change in the locker room but there are also restrooms available. 

Relaxation Room

Once you are changed and settled in we made our way to the relaxation room. There are several comfy chairs, couches and reading materials available for use. Also, you can enjoy hot tea, citrus or cucumber water, breakfast bars, pretzels or trail mix before or after your service. 

Massage Experience

I was called back right on time. Emily introduced herself and shook my hand. I was then whisked away to a massage room very close to the relaxation room. She asked about any target areas I would like her to focus on. At this current time I had a knot in my shoulder, low back tightness and tired feet. Again, I opted for a custom massage which is Disney’s equivalent of a deep tissue massage. She gave me a minute to undress and we started the massage face down. We started with an essential oil inhalation (either lavender or orange). I selected orange. The massage also started with a hot towel on the back to heat up the area. The massage was standard with a nice mix of pressure and relaxation. The foot massage was especially good for those tired park feet. Towards the end of the massage she did apply hot towels to my legs and feet. Before I knew it my massage was over. 50 minutes goes by way to fast! She laid my robe over my stomach and placed my sandals next to the bed on the floor. Emily exited the room so I could get dressed. When I walked out of the room I was greeted with a warm smile, an ice cold glass of water, a Ghirardelli chocolate and a drink menu. She walked me back to the lounge area. 


As I walked back into the locker room the attendant asked what I would like off the complimentary drink menu. There were options like, champagne, wine, coffee, and more. Because it was only 9:30 I opted for black coffee. I was off to change into my swimwear and to enjoy the spa area. 

Spa Area

Walking into the spa I immediately noticed how clean this room is. There are 2 heated chairs with ceramic tile, a jacuzzi, and the eucalyptus steam room (my personal favorite). There are also extra towels, ice towels, and water available to keep you hydrated. As I sat down to start documenting this experience my coffee was delivered to me. Have I mentioned how delicious the spa coffee is? Yum! 
I then made my way over to the steam room. This is bed enjoyed in appropriate swimwear. I grabbed a clean towel to set on and spent roughly 15 minutes enjoying the steam with a cool cloth over my eyes or on my neck. I then made sure to experience the jacuzzi tub. I walked over to the wall and set the jets for the full 15 minutes. I use this time let the jets work their magic on any additional trouble spots. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I grabbed a new towel and went back to the locker room to get changed. 

Locker Room 2x

First I removed my personal items from my locker, got changed and went out to the vanity area to get ready for the day. I came to the spa without doing my hair and makeup because I knew I would need to do it again. I opted not to shower since I was heading to the parks. Normally the vanity area features brushes, combs, hair spray, gel and spray deodorant. Also typically there is a hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron available for use. This time no flat iron, but no biggy. I used the curling iron to calm down my hair. 

Things to Remember

A swim suit, bag for wet swim gear, make up, or anything else you may need for the parks. 

Check out was a breeze after that. We got our grand total after the discounts and we were on our way to enjoy Magic Kingdom! 

Lauren Hersey

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