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Our Disney World resort 6 night vacation was extended one night at the Disney Vero Beach resort on our way to Miami. We drove from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it roughly took us two hours from the parks. Side note, the resort was roughly 5 miles off of i95 south. 

Upon arrival we parked at the main building. Walking into the main building we were greeted in typical Disney style by a happy CM eager to help us get checked in. Fun fact, you can get your magic band hooked up now. We continued to check out the main lobby area.

Main Building

The main building featured the famous Disney lobby smell and a special treat of citrus water and chocolate chip cookies. To the left of the lobby we entered a room that had 2 PS4s , games and a complimentary photo booth. Continuing into the next room we were joined by several families playing games and building puzzles. The spa is just beyond this point. 

In the other direction there was a room perfect for the littles ones that had roughly 4 little wicker chairs and a comfy couch for the adults. 

At the end of the hallway was the Wind and waves table service dining option. The pool bar and the market (which is quick service). 


This trip we took advantage of some of the recreational offerings such as Disney Map photo frames, Sing along campfire, scavenger hunt, and Mickey tie dye. Upon check in we were given a sheet that lists the weeks activities day by day. If an activity is marked with an (RR) that means reservation required. $, means there is an up-charge. You can register for most activities at Eb and Flos by the pool. Also, don’t forget to ask for the DVC prices.

Disney Map Frames

We went to the small activity hall for this craft. Our family had 3 people creating frames. The CMs gave us lots of park maps to pick from. We cut up the maps and then used midge lodge to stick the images to the frame. This took about 30-45 minutes. Once finished we headed back to the lobby to get our free picture from the photo pass machine. I believe the non-DVC rate was $10pp and the DVC rate was $8pp. 

Campfire, Singalong and S’mores

This was a must do! Reservations were not required. From the main building you exit in the back of the lobby and walk all the way to the end of the resort. This activity starts right on time. We were greeted by 2 really excited and energetic cast members. We sang songs for roughly a half an hour while the fire calmed down. Time for S’mores! The cast members gave us a list list of safety instructions and then it was the moment everyone was waiting for, Time for S’mores! In true Disney fashion everything was organized and had clear process. Everyone was released to head to the mobile s’mores accessory cart. On the right side was where we picked up our skewers and 2 marshmallows per person were given to us by a gloved CM. We headed back to the fire pit to cook our mallows over the open flame. Once charred to perfection we headed to the left side of the cart where a gloved CM smushed our melted marshmallow between to graham crackers and a piece of chocolate. These were free and the group was told that they could have as many as they would like. I guess one brave soul ate 26 s’mores! The guy or gal must be a Disney Legend. Once we finished our s’mores we headed back to the room. 

Final Campfire Thoughts

Make sure to wear sandals or crocs, definitely not white shoes. When we got back to the room our white tennis shoes were a dingy shade of brown due to the dark sand around the fire pit. I may or May not have had a bite of s’mores stuck to my show too. We also definitely smelled of camp fire. I would only do this as a finale to the day. If you have plans of a night cap I might consider saving the campfire for another day.

Lauren Hersey

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