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Senses Spa at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort – Post-COVID Know Before You Go

Grand Floridian Senses Spa

The tranquil vibes of the Senses Spa are a refreshing must-do break from the hustle and bustle of the Walt Disney World Parks. Pre-pandemic I would have up to eight spa visits per year (a few times per trip).

Disney’s Senses Spa reopened on March 1, 2022. Though I already had reservations secured for The Mandara Spa at the Swan and Dolphin, I couldn’t resist visiting my old favorite.

Much like the world we are living in, the name is the same but a lot has changed.

This is what you need to know before you visit Disney’s Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian Resort. 

Setting the Appointment at Grand Floridian’s Senses Spa

This was a major change. Pre-Pandemic you called a special number to set your appointment. Now, (finally) you can book your appointment online. They send a confirmation email but no longer do phone call reminders 

Senses Spa Menu

The spa menu is limited… very limited.

I typically choose some type of massage and a pedicure option, which are both still available. Right now, during the slow rollout, the options are very basic.

The standard massage is called the Grand Massage. There is no option for deep tissue or Swedish.

The pedicure kept with the theme of the Grand pedicure. They also offer two other food-related services, an express pedicure (25 minutes) which is really just a polish change. They also have a foot massage only option for those tired feet from the park walking. 

Day of Service at Grand Floridian’s Senses Spa

This is when the reality set in that the Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian has undergone significant changes.

Just like the parks and resorts, a lot of the “little extras” have disappeared.

Upon entering the desk looked the same and the attendant didn’t seem concerned about my DVC membership. Before the pandemic, DVC members were treated like royalty. Not anymore. 

The locker rooms looked the same but the DVC robes have been retired and the attendant informed me the DVC discounts have been suspended as well. The looker room looked bare. The toothbrushes, razors, combs, hair dryers, and flat irons were all gone. 

Chairs at Grand Floridian Resort Senses Spa

The lounge area sported some new chairs but the buffet of snacks, fruit, and cucumber water was also missing. They offered a tiny bag of freeze-dried fruit song another with mixed nuts. 

As soon as I was seated the attendant appeared to take me to the massage area. When arriving at the spa the attendant asked me to select a crystal to symbolize my experience. I choose citrine. In the massage room, the lighting was orange and she opted for orange lotion as well. The Grand massage did include hot stones and towels but otherwise was average. After the massage, the therapist no longer offered water or their signature treat. 

The pedicure was also very standard and quick.

No beverages or snacks were offered during the treatment like before. They switched their line of polishes and got new chairs (which in my opinion were a step down from the prior). The pedicure was so-so. They are however coming back slowly. They went from 15 therapists to 3. 

The whole reason for my visit was to take advantage of the spa amenities after the service. The steam room was still closed (my favorite) but the spa was open as well as 2 heated seats. 

Like I said before this is the new Disney – with higher rates and fewer services for the guests. If I were to choose next time, I would opt for the Mandara Spa at Disney’s Dolphin Resort.

Lauren Hersey

Herseys Do Hershey

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