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Walt Disney World Cupcake Crawl: Review of Disney Worlds Best Cupcakes


Coronado Springs Food Court El Merchano Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake $4.69

This cupcake came as a surprise. We were getting a quick lunch on our first day at Disney World. We ordered our quick services lunches and out of the corner of my eye I saw that there were 3 cupcake options at the dessert area.This cupcake was not gourmet and really lacked the the density that I was expecting. The peanut butter icing was cloud like. (2)

At Boardwalk -bought at the boardwalk bakery. Oreo Cupcake $5.99- chocolate cupcake with Oreo filling and white icing.

The icing was light and fluffy the inside of a cannoli. There were candy balls, chocolate shavings and a Mickey Oreo on top with small thin chocolate ears. It was a hot evening and this chilled cupcake hit the spot. (4)

Grand Floridian Gasparilla – Chocolate Moouse Cupcake $4.99.

When purchasing said cupcake. I thought it was just that’s. It turns out that things were more complicated than that. Bottom was think chocolate mouse middle has some cupcake crumbles followed by more senses chocolate moouse with a fluffy chocolate frosting. Though not completely a cupcake it was very good. (4)

Grand Floridian Summer Seasonal Cupcake $5.99 White Cupcake (appears as yellow).

under the big top themed. The cake would be considered birthday cake (white cake with multi-colored sprinkles). The red and white frosting appears to be a dense buttercream. The filling was vanilla pudding. The cupcake was cake. It tasted slightly frosted burned from being frozen for the price. (3)

Norway Kringa- Frozen mini cupcakes $7.49.

All plain chocolate with buttercream white with buttercream. Not great but very cute (3) just because they were cute.

Germany- werthers salted caramel cupcake $5.59.

This was at a shop that sold primarily caramel. The cupcake was on the larger side of things with a huge heap of salted caramel icing atop a chocolate cupcake. The icing seemed like a dense Disney buttercream (though it appeared to be tinted light tan) I could not taste the caramel in the frosting. The caramel drizzle was the best part! (4)

Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa: Artist Palette, The Briar Rose. $5.99.

Eric surprised me with this beauty on our last night while in a search for sparkling water. This cupcake was considered a gourmet cupcake. It was a chocolate cupcake with a strawberry butter cream frosting. It had a light shimmer, multi shade of pink icing and two chocolate wafers for Mickey ears. This was a filled cupcake with strawberry frosting in the middle. This cupcake was the best of the bunch. This cupcake had all the making of a superb treat. It was fresh, beautiful and tasted great. (5)

Lauren Hersey

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